Former convent of Santa Caterina – Gaeta (LT)

Subject of the intervention includes the so-called "ridge", the rocky wall faced to the sea of the building and artifacts located on the same wall. The approach of interventions aimed at the concept of minimum intervention and total reversibility and is designed to remedy the precarious situations in terms of static and degradation of materials. The design of the interventions of consolidation and seismic improvement structures of the Monumental Complex of the former Convent of Santa Caterina in Gaeta has been divided into phases: phase 1 includes the preparatory works for the access to the sites and safety operations, the phase 2 studies, geometric and crack pattern reliefs, investigations such as endoscopies and coring on the walls and on foundations and essays on plaster, the phase 3 is the final project in which were produced all the processing required to arrive at a "design as much as possible aware". Finally, in phase 4 has been prepared the final design that has following the initially chosen logic, a consolidation of the existing combined with the reconstruction of the recently collapsed, using the backbone of the original space, suitably reinforced, also to ensure a more effective behavior towards a possible seismic activity. Project for the restoration, consolidation and enhancement of the complex, as to ensure conservation and public enjoyment.
  • Date: 2005 - 2006
  • Location of Assignment: Gaeta (LT)
  • Client: Donati Stock Corporation
  • Main Duties: Preliminary and final design for the conservation and consolidation works
  • Budget: 4 590 000, 00 €
  • Coordinate: 41.208297,13.589675