Civic Library – Verona

The complex of buildings of the Civic Library of Verona is made up of many historic buildings -the former Jesuit College, the Sebastiani Palace and the Casa Perini - and the building used to store books, called Nervi building, built in the 70s by Studio Nervi. The executive project of the restoration of the complex includes the complete renovation of the systems, the distribution and functional reorganization of spaces of the library and part of Building Nervi, it includes the consolidation and restoration of historic the buildings and the integration of vertical connections.
  • Date: 2002-2003
  • Location of Assignment: Verona
  • Client: Municipality of Verona
  • Main Duties: Final design for the conservation and consolidation works.
  • Budget: 11 500 000, 00 euro
  • Coordinate: 45.441661,10.999199