Cloister of Carmine – Brescia

Geometric survey and analysis of the state of conservation, restoration project, consolidation and outfitting as the new home site for the university library. Main structural interventions have been made designed to strengthen and restore the structural continuity of Palazzo Franzini” in Nuvolera (BS) and to significantly increase the resistance against seismic action. It involves the insertion of new connecting rods in the walls to support of the vaults of the floor of the "Central Body" and in the walls of the attic in the area of the "central body" (to connect the perimeter wall of via Camprelle to the wall of the porch) and the "South Body". It was considered appropriate to also provide the stiffening of the valuted floor the stables and the floor of the guesthouse (north body), and consolidation of the masonry of the north stairwell and of the ceilings of the north body. Further interventions are then provided for stiffening the wall above the grand staircase of the "central body".
  • Date: 2000- 2006
  • Location of Assignment: Brescia
  • Client: University of Brescia
  • Main Duties: Assessment of the actual state of conservation, mapping of surfaces and structural decay. Preliminary and final design for the conservation, consolidation and rehabilitation of the new University library.
  • Budget: 8 000 000, 00 €
  • Coordinate: 45.542703,10.218846